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Fur Art Xchange

The ORIGINAL Furry Art Xchange

Furry Art eXchange
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Us of the Furry communities enjoy recieving renditions of our chars, don't we just? And many of us also love drawing. So here's a chance to receive both in one. Inspired by drawink this community is created for Furry Artists. Every couple of weeks, a specific Furry Artist will become the Chosen One and they can nominate one of their chars, which the rest of us will draw. Voting will then commence for a couple of days and the artist with the most bids then becomes the Chosen One for the following fortnight.

Once in a while - approximately every three months, there will be a special Honourary Chosen One in which a participating member will be nominated for such reasons as "most active", "most improved" or for going above and beyond. There will be a short, non-voting round in which we honour them by drawing for them.

Sound fun? Well, come on in and have a blast! Don't forget to introduce yourself!


Current Chosen One:


Description of Character
submissions close 30th August*

Now taking Nominations for the next Honourary round, email me if there's someone you think deserves the title. Next honourary round will be in March.

* GMT time of approximately (ie: no earlier then) 0700 hours on the day after the Deadline listed above. That gives most Americans until midnight of this date to finish.

The Rules

- NO auction promotion/advertising permitted
- Off-Topic posts should be kept to the barest minimum (an introductory post is acceptable and encouraged but please do not flood the board with off-topic art, there are other sites where that is appropriate)
- You MUST be a member of the Community to vote
- After the Deadline has passed, the Poll will not be reset unless there was a Moderator error.
- All forms of visual art accepted, the term "draw" is used for indicative purposes only.
- Picture files should be of reasonable size (able to appear in the LJ window without distorting it*)
- Picture files should be named: "*chars name*-*your name* and should be JPG files. This is to ease my workload when I set up the thumbnails.
- Anyone found multi-voting (ie, using several different LJ accounts to vote for their char), will be disqualified.
- Pictures must be your own original work.
- Voting for yourself IS permitted, but isn't very sporting.
- you CAN be Chosen One more then once, but at least five cycles (ten weeks) must have elapsed first. Don't let this discourage you from entering again in that time, as if you DO happen to win again in that period, you can NOMINATE another entrant to take the position themself.

* = oddly shaped (ie, wide but not high) are the exception and should be hidden behind a LJ cut or linked to from afar, NOT inserted into the LJ browser window.