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I think this deserves a few words.

First off, I'd like to thank Lemurkat for running this show :) She did a wonderfull job, was almost always on time, and best of all she cared. I personally owe this exchange and Kit Ither my ability to draw. I first saw this exchange in...Okay here's where I make an ass out of myself, really neat character, wolf with a skull head? Had this awsome pic of it singing along to Rob Zombie? I dont know, but either way I was really excited and I knew I wanted to compete in this even though in my mind I sucked hard. Let's not debate that last statement ;3 Here I shall divulge what my art ability was back then- but beware! This site is anceint and contains PURE HORROR!! *le gasp!* It contains my first ever FAX entry :0 http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/h/a/hathaway/hathaway.html

..Long story short, my list of goals was to win one round here, get an modpick on Elfwood, and get into college. I only ever accomplished one of those goals, but simply being here and *drawing competitively*, with a *deadline* did more for me than four years in the pitiful highschool art program we have here in hicksville :) I've even reccomended this community in specific to developing artists for this reason.

Anyway..I agree with the closing of the community for a few reasons, but I'm glad I got to participate in the rounds I did :) It was a lot of fun, especially when I got to meet some of you chosen ones *cough* Aura!*cough* at Anthrocon, and I'll probably remember working my fingers off trying to get good enough to 'beat' some of you people till my dying day!

*raises glass* So three cheers for Fax- may it rest in good memory
(And as a last hurrah, those of you who still have 'em, post a link to your first FAX entries, and to your latest work if you want ^_^)

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