Kirsty (bubblerat) wrote in furartxchange,

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i feel really bad

im really sad to hear that furartxchange is being shut down, i really enjoyed participating in this community, and i know i havnt done for the last three rounds, but i took a break from drawing because i was self doubting again....but started up again by joining in a FAX2 round, though i dont belive that to be an excuse...

i have gotten much from drawing for this community, from way back when i first entered in aaaamory's round, til now...those of you who have watched the community since then will notice that i have improved greatly! A valuable experience drawing different creatures in different poses, and i wouldnt be where i am art wise without that.

thank you lemurkat for running this community, and its a shame that its come to this...but even i have noticed the lack of participating the last few rounds (myself included) *hugs to all*

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