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Wooties! Thanks to everybody who voted for me!
Right. I have quite a few characters over at my comic, Dansk Folly, so there’s plenty of material if you don’t feel like drawing birdies. I’d like to focus on my favourite character, Graham, (bio not updated in a while) who was originally a supposed to be a budgie. As (way back then) my character design wasn’t up to much, he appears to be a parrot-budgie cross, roughly five feet tall, slim, covered with light green feathers with a vivid red crest. His forearms and lower legs are featherless, yellow and a tad scaly, as his wings sprout from his shoulders, with lighter green feathers. He tends to be a bit pigeon chested, and normally wears light colours. A note about his design: it’s deliberately simple, so I can draw it twelve panels a week, so feel free to mess around and change it as much as you like.

Personality-wise, Graham is the stereotype other budgies hate. He is flighty, easily distracted by shiny things, and not all that smart. He is rather loyal, though, and has the tendency to pull things off though sheer hope and frantic energy, even if it should never work.

Comics with good references (he’s wearing a haloween costume in most of them because my comic in incredibly slow moving):

So, there’s Graham: flighty, jumpy, and unpredictable. Go crazy!
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