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Missouri Convention & Black Friday Freebie!!!

Black Friday Freebie: share this journal, comment here ( with the link to your sharing, and be entered to win one of three drawings in this style, ( & ( donated by :iconkryistina:
F3 Convention, Missouri's Furry Con, is really going to happen, and with your help, we can make it great!
F3, Missouri's Furry Convention
Springfield, MO
December 14th-16th, 2012
Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center
F3 is Springfield Missouri's first furry convention, dedicated to fans of all ages who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters such as cartoons. Our primary goal is to entertain and educate about anthropomorphic artistry of all varieties, exploring creativity while enriching the lives of youth through costuming and showcasing the talents of the local community, while raising  funds for our chosen animal charity.
2012 Will be our first convention and we would love for you  to celebrate our “grand opening” with us!
Guests of Honor are Calamity Cougar, Okidoki Coyote, and Hazard!
We are still looking for art and stories for the conbook as well!
Also, we have a huge special! The first 100 pre-registrations will be getting a free F3 keychain! This is retroactive, so if you have already registered as an artist, vendor, or attendee of any rank, you get a free keychain too! =^_^=
Tauren Dance

Faolin Rudah

Welcome to the first round of FAX!

This rounds chosen one is:

Faolin Rudah!

Faolin Rudah is a pirate. Her mother was a tavern wench coyote and her father was a dire wolf pirate. While it may not have been love in at first sight, nine months later, little Faolin was born.

Faolin is an adventurous soul, and one that is at home on the sea. She is fiercely defensive of her few friends, her ship, and more importantly, her freedom. Strong and intelligent, probably her greatest flaw is that she is a wrathful individual.

In coloration, she is mostly coyote colored, but more red. Her eyes are emerald green, and her hair is a bit redder than the rest of her fur. Her canines are long, and show even when her muzzle is closed. She wears standard pirate gear, including a tricorn hat, long frock coat, and thigh high boots. She is rarely seen without a brace of pistols, and often has a small gun blade with her, or a blunderbuss.

Though you do not have to draw her with anyone else, these are the other important figures in her life:

Commodore Bastian Rimerez. He is a leopard, and (obviously) high ranking within the queen's navy. Though he has been sent to track down Faolin and bring her to justice, his deepest secret is that he is in love with Faolin. They have...ah...crossed paths a time or two...and he is pretty sure she returns his feelings.

The Wolfshead: Her ship.

Reference images!
An actual coyote with Faolins color:
One last one:

Good inspiration would be Pirates of the Caribbean.
However, feel free to take your own interpretation of her, mecha pirate, sky pirate, Stardust, Iron Kingdoms, just have fun!

Feel free to ask me any questions about her.

This round will run until the 17th.
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Tauren Dance

A New Round! A New Begning!

Round will begin tonight as soon as I'm home from class.

As soon as I can, I will update the min page with this info.

Please remember when naming your file follow this example:


So if I were to participate I would name my entry: april2008_ravynwolf

Also, if you could save me a little time, with your entry, please also post a thumbnail 150 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall, for the voting.:)

Get those art supplies ready. :D
Tauren Dance

*taps Microphone*

Is anyone still here?

It was brought to my attention that people might be interested in starting FAX up again...

So, anyone interested? I used to run this community with Lemurkat, and I think I can handle picking up the reigns again, that is, if anyone is interested...

Drop me a line, if there enough intrest, I'll prepare to reanimate the community in Feb.

So...I feel stupid...

I was part of one of the exchanges and someone drew a picture of my char Alopex, a foxy mechanic, and then they did a few pictures of Kya, my bearded collie char.

Anyway, I can't remember which exchange it was in and I've gone through and looked at some of the other pictures and can't seem to find them. I saved them and now I can't seem to find them at all on my computer.

So I was curious if the artist who did the wonderful pictures still had them, or had uploaded them to another site. :)

Any information is very much appreciated and this is X posted to some of the exchange groups I've been lurking in.

Thanks :)

a friendly hello

hello i just arrived yesterday and when i get a scanner i will definitely be into this 100% and if you want to you can also get a hold of me on my furry thread at gaia online

or my other thread

none of these are my originals but if you want to see my non furry stuff just ask and i'll send what i have scaned
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